Summit Elevation:  13,823 feet
 Summit Coordinates:     39.09356°N
 Rank in CO:  95 of 637
 13er Rank in CO:  42 of 584
 13er Rank in Range:  12 of 114
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  View 360° Summit Panorama
 Casco Peak (1.72 miles away)
 "Lackawanna" (0 miles away)
 Unnamed 13660 B (0.92 miles away)
 Mt. Elbert (3.96 miles away)
 La Plata Peak (4.91 miles away)
 "East La Plata" (4.96 miles away)
 "South Elbert" (3.88 miles away)
 Northwest Ridge  Class 2 
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"Lackawanna" seen from La Plata Peak.
Photo provided by BillMiddlebrook

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