Wallet found on Longs Homestretch 7/25

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Wallet found on Longs Homestretch 7/25

Post by hikerwithaltitude »

Found a black wallet on the homestretch this morning and brought it down to the nps volunteers at the base. The wallet should be there for at least the next few days (not sure what the protocol is beyond that). I left a DM on the potential owner’s fb messenger so check your requests. Drenched but intact w your cash, cards, and ID.
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Re: Wallet found on Longs Homestretch 7/25

Post by jrs1965 »

Had to laugh just a little bit seeing this. It can't be the same guy, but on 9 July I saw two guys (20 something years old) heading up the trail around the Goblin's Forrest Campground. The guy in the front had a Camelback with the zipper half open and a black wallet hanging out. I didn't say anything, I assumed his buddy who was like two steps behind him and looking directly at the wallet hanging out would say something...
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