RIP Larry Mack

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Re: RIP Larry Mack

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Sorry to hear about this loss to the Mack family and our greater climbing community. Seeing the multi-generational love of the mountains passed down through Larry to Eddie to Randy has always been inspiring.
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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by Bombay2Boulder »

Sorry to hear about this. Eddie, I want to express my deepest sympathies to you and the family. He left quite a legacy behind with the love of mountains passed down to different generations of the family.
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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by blazintoes »

He loved mountains all most as much as I do (wink, wink). Thank you for the opportunity Eddie to talk to your dad over the phone. He had so much energy and enthusiasm about the Colorado mountains and was nicer/more encouraging to me doing solo endeavors than my own family. Naturally he had less invested but still it was refreshing to have someone like him nudge me. Also the genes carried over quite well! Bye bye sir Larry. Watch over us all.
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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by JChitwood »

Very sorry to read this. I never knew Mr. Mack but have read dozens of Eddie’s trip reports and have been inspired by three generations of Centennial finishers.
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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by Jay521 »

So very sorry, Eddie...
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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by Dan_Suitor »

My condolences to all who knew Larry.
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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by Tornadoman »

Very sorry for your loss Eddie and Randy (and Mack family). Larry obviously passed on a great love of the mountains which has spread through the generations. 3 generations of Centennial finishers! Awesome!

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