Trip Report Editing Issue

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Re: Trip Report Editing Issue

Post by BillMiddlebrook »

Have you tried changing the report name to not include certain characters?
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Re: Trip Report Editing Issue

Post by dr_j »

Yes I have. I tried that as a quick experiment (it just has a colon as the only "special" character so I deleted that), and still get the same error when I try to save it.
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Re: Trip Report Editing Issue

Post by Skimo95 »

dr_j wrote: Thu Apr 21, 2022 7:28 am Without adding a separate thread, I'm having some problem editing TR's. When I try to save, I get the error:

REPORT NAME may only contain Letters, numbers and the following characters:

I'm using Firefox on a Mac, and also encountered this on Safari and also Chrome on my iPad.
Firefox on a Mac is a red flag…
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