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Re: Iceland - Camper Vans

Post by griddles »

We are pretty flexible on time so wondering if there is much of a difference on the last weeks of April to the first bit of May? Is it like the PNW where there is a big change to the weather right after July 4 or just some arbitrary date for higher prices? We are probably looking for about 7 days in the van with 1-2 nights back in town to recover/eat better. Not super interested in peak-bagging or anything extreme some nice walk abouts are more our vacation speed. Some of the the glacier tours (for Vatnajokull) seem to go all year round (and appear about the same). Thanks again for insights.
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Re: Iceland - Camper Vans

Post by sooshee »

Summer is peak tourist season, with the most daylight and better weather. In April/May it is still quite wintry at times (but still tons of daylight compared to us at more moderate latitudes - by end of April there's over 16.5 hours of daylight a day in Reykjavik). The landscape is also way more green - springtime will be brown (if that is a worry). The saying for Iceland is if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes... and it is quite true there, even in summer. Snow and winter conditions are just more expected in April and May.

Glaciers are available all year around, just mostly see the change from the hard, blue ice of winter to the white/black softer ice in the warmer months. Most ice caves are not accessible in the summer months, which is the biggest factor when it comes to the glaciers.

Summer prices is why I traveled in September for my first trip, and then the middle of winter the second time. However, in the last few years September has become increasingly popular so not as cheap anymore. However, next time I want to do a lot of highlands stuff and have nearly unlimited daylight, so I'm going to suck it up and deal with the mid-summer prices.
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Re: Iceland - Camper Vans

Post by greenonion »

Not a van opp, but for anyone interested in a trip to Iceland sponsored by the University of Utah...
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Re: Iceland - Camper Vans

Post by Scott P »

greenonion wrote: Mon Feb 14, 2022 1:20 pm Not a van opp, but for anyone interested in a trip to Iceland sponsored by the University of Utah...
$5900-$6650 plus airfare for a 10 day trip that only visits the normal tourist destinations? Ouch.
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