Katahdin in the spring??

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Re: Katahdin in the spring??

Post by stoopdude »

schumi248 wrote: Mon Oct 24, 2022 2:18 pm
cougar wrote: Sat Oct 22, 2022 6:58 pm Fall may be a better time for the northeast, both for no snow and foliage. Late September with some accounting for elevation and latitude. Of course it will be busier.

I don't know firsthand, but the southern Appalachian should be melted out by then. See when the AT through hikers start. Expect thunderstorms that time of year though, not the monsoon pattern like CO but in general storm season, so have extra days. Consider Nashville airport over Atlanta, much easier getting in and out, rental cars are at the terminal, and you can hit those highpoints in an arc pretty nicely. ChrisinAZ lives by the Smokies so you might PM him.

Adirondack may get more snow than New England due to lake effect. East coast snowpack is heavy and wet in a damp climate, so it will linger.
I looked at Nashville, it’s a little further away. If I were to fly into a different airport than ATL, it would probably be Charlotte. I would allow an extra couple days for weather, and if everything goes to plan, spend a day or two at carrowinds. Kind of a theme park kind of person, too.
Knoxville is also a good airport, it had lots of flights when I lived there over a decade ago. I have heard Covid has caused some flights to be slashed, but its worth looking into. Its definitely the closest airport to the high Smokies in the area.
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