Gueza is the latest 14er ski finisher!

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Re: Gueza is the latest 14er ski finisher!

Post by dmccool »

Very cool, Eric. Congratulations!
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Re: Gueza is the latest 14er ski finisher!

Post by mtngoatwithstyle »

Congratulations Eric. It must be an amazing feeling!!!
Never,never give up!.
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Re: Gueza is the latest 14er ski finisher!

Post by Gueza »

Thank you Otina, and thank you to everyone, friends, family, and partners who have ever climbed with me, skied with me, or supported me. Especially a BIG thanks to all of the mentors and partners I had in my earlier youth who inspired me, pushed me, taught me, and let me tag along as a teenager: Sam Anderson, Britt Jones, Paul Perea, Jim DiNapoli, Steve Gladbach, Zach Bauer, Otina Fox, Carl Dowdy, Marc Barella, Mike Bean, Rob Steinmetz, Austin Porzak, and Bill Middlebrook. Rest easy Steve and Jim - thank you both for everything you did for me. What an incredible past 12 years it’s been — This project has been one of the most meaningful things i’ve ever done in my life, and I will be forever grateful for the friendships i’ve made, lessons i’ve learned, and experiences i’ve made along the way. I’ve learned more about myself and grown more as a person from this endeavor than anything else in my life. Many of these lessons translate well beyond the alpine and into the realm of everyday life, and translate especially well into the career path i’m headed. Growing up without my badass Green Beret father (Antonio Jose Sangueza) who passed away when I was much younger was not easy, and I absolutely needed something in my my life; some kind of direction, something to put my mind towards, something to teach me how to live. Discovering the mountains through is the best thing that has ever happened to my life, and has ultimately led me up to this point. A lot has changed in my life these past 12 years, but life on these high peaks of Colorado has always remained constant: a place of peace, and one that i’ve always been able to call home. I will be eternally grateful for everything these mountains and this great community have done for me — Thank you.

#1 - Mt. Sherman (April 2010) Zach Bauer
#2 Grays Peak (June 2010) Sam Anderson
#3 - Mt. Elbert (December 2010) Jim DiNapoli, Brad, Adam, Scott, Steve, Sean
#4 - Quandary Peak (January 2011,2012-2022) Zach Bauer and Crew, Nick Witter, Joe Bagwell, Julian Smith, many others.
#5 - Mt. Yale (February 2011) Rastaman566 and Ryan
#6 - Mt. Harvard (March 2011) Otina, Carl, Marc, Britt, Jim, Steve, and crew
#7 - Mt. Columbia (March 2011) Otina, Carl, Marc, Britt, Jim, Steve, Prakash, and crew
#8 - Crestone Peak (April 2011) Carl, Marc, Bill
#9 - Mt. Antero (April 2011) Carl, Marc, Zach
#10 - Missouri Mountain (May 2011) Otina Fox, Dan McCool, Ryan Kushner, Mike, Jason, Kelly, Dan McCool, Terry. Rest easy Terry.
#11 - Mt. Oxford (May 2011) Dan McCool
#12 - Mt. Belford (May 2011) Dan McCool
#13 - La Plata Peak (May 15, 2011) Sam Anderson, Chicago Transplant
#14 - Mt. Shavano (May 21, 2011) Zach Bauer, Otina Fox
#15- Mt. Princeton (May 24, 2011) Zach Bauer
#16 - Pike's Peak (June 2011) Sam Anderson
#17 - Mt. Cameron (June 2011) Zach Bauer / (May 2022) Solo
#18 - Mt. Lincoln (June 2011) Zach Bauer
#19 - Torrey's Peak (June 2011) Zach Bauer / (Multiple skis with multiple partners since)
#20 - Ellingwood Point (January 2012) Solo ski, but great company: Dillon Sarnelli, Rob Jansen, Jeff Golden, and crew. Rest easy Rob.
#21 - Mt. Bierstadt (March 12, 2012) Sarah Strattan / (May 2022 Solo)
#22 - Uncompagre Peak (March 17,2012) Carl, Marc, Mike, Rob
#23 - Mt. Democrat (March 20, 2012) Zach Bauer / (June 2019) Nick Witter
#24 - Blanca Peak (March 24, 2012) Sam Anderson
#25 - Kit Carson Peak (April 2012) Carl Dowdy, Marc Barella, Rob Miller
#26 - Challenger Point (April 2012) Carl Dowdy, Marc Barella, Rob Miller / (February 2015) Austin Porzak, Alex Krullin
#27 - Castle Peak (April 2012) Rob Steinmetz, Rob Miller
#28 - Conundrum Peak (April 2012) Rob Steibnmetz, Rob Miller / (October 2014) Money Mike
#29 - Huron Peak (April 2012) Zach Bauer, Steve Balsamo
#30 - Mt. Bross (March 30, 2013) Mike Bean, Marc Barella
#31 - San Luis Peak (April 21, 2013) Rob Steinmetz
#32 - Crestone Needle (May 5, 2013) Carl Dowdy, Marc Barella, Rob Miller, Matt Kamper
#33 - Humboldt Peak (May 2013) Solo
#34 - Mt. Massive (June 2013) Solo
#35 - Wetterhorn Peak (June 2013) Austin Porzak
#36 - Tabeguache Peak (June 2013) Austin Porzak
#37 - Sunshine Peak (December 2013) Mike Schlauchafen
#38 - Little Bear Peak (March 21, 2014) Mike Bean
#39 - Mt. Lindsey (April 18, 2014) Attempt with Otina Fox / Solo
#40 - Mt. Evans (June 2014) Solo / Nick Witter (2017)
#41 - Mt. Wilson (April 4, 2015) Otina Fox
#42 - Maroon Peak (April 12, 2015) Solo
#43 - Longs Peak (June 2015) Mike Bean and company
#44 - Mt. Sneffles (March 2016) Solo / (April 2021) Julian Smith
#45 - Pyramid Peak (May 2016) Brad Burgtorf
#46 - Mt. Eolus (May 24, 2016) Jon Kedrowski
#47 - North Eolus (May 24, 2016) Jon Kedrowski
#48 - Sunlight Peak (May 24, 2016) Jon Kedrowski
#49 -Windom Peak (May 24, 2016) Jon Kedrowski
#50 - Culebra Peak (March 2017) Solo ski, Kevin Baker up same day, met Josh Jesperson at trailhead
#51 - North Maroon Peak (April 13, 2017) Rob Steinmetz
#52 - Wilson Peak (May 5, 2017) Rob Steinmetz
#53 - Redcloud Peak (May 14, 2017) Nick Witter
#54 - Snowmass Mountain (May 17, 2017) Solo
#55 - El. Diente Peak (May 2019) Rob Steinmetz
#56 - Mt. of the Holy Cross (June 2019) Solo
#57 - Capitol Peak (April 30, 2022) Rob Steinmetz, Krishna Gandhi
#58 - Handies Peak (May 2022) Otina Fox, Nick Witter, Andrew Essex, Joe Bagwell, Ben Snuggerud
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Re: Gueza is the latest 14er ski finisher!

Post by TakeMeToYourSummit »

Great job on an amazing goal! A very patient game to play!
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Re: Gueza is the latest 14er ski finisher!

Post by Chicago Transplant »

Congrats Eric!

Its been a looong time, but it was fun joining you on LaPlata! So happy for you to reach your goal! =D>
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Re: Gueza is the latest 14er ski finisher!

Post by cottonmountaineering »

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Re: Gueza is the latest 14er ski finisher!

Post by Easy Rider »

Congrats on reaching your goal!
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Re: Gueza is the latest 14er ski finisher!

Post by Mtnman200 »

Congratulations, Eric! That is a big accomplishment.
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Re: Gueza is the latest 14er ski finisher!

Post by globreal »

I know I've already said this to you on the phone, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ =D> =D> =D>

Your heart-felt post above got me all teary eyed! It says it all. However, I have you know, you helped me along the way equally as much as I helped you.

May God bless you and lead you during your next adventures and goals. I love you Little Buddy.
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Re: Gueza is the latest 14er ski finisher!

Post by Dan_Suitor »

Congratulations Eric =D>
Century Bound, eventually.
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Re: Gueza is the latest 14er ski finisher!

Post by Jay521 »

I take the mountain climber's approach to housekeeping - don't look down
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Re: Gueza is the latest 14er ski finisher!

Post by MonGoose »

Congratulations, Eric!
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