Edge of the Unknown with Jimmy Chin

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Edge of the Unknown with Jimmy Chin

Post by Carl_Healy »

A friend shared this with me, anyone else watch it?
Just came out in September.

National Geographic - Edge of the Unknown with Jimmy Chin

Some interesting climbing/mountaineering tales though not exclusively set in the mountains. Short episodes too so easy to get through them all.

Season One:
  1. Before Free Solo - Alex Honnold wants to climb huge walls without a rope.
  2. The No Fall Zone - Skier Angel Collinson falls from a 1000-ft mountain.
  3. Fight or Die - Gerd Serrasolses reflects on a scary Kayaking mission.
  4. Return to Life - Conrad Anker has a heart attack during a mountain climb.
  5. Riding the Avalanche - Travis Rice shares how an avalanche shaped his life.
  6. Willpower - Climber Will Gadd ascends the frozen Helmcken Falls.
  7. Eaten by Jaws - Justine Dupont prepares to ride big waves.
  8. Live Another Day - While filming in the mountains of the Grand Tetons, Wyoming, alpinist Jimmy Chin is caught in a colossal avalanche that no one is supposed to survive.
  9. Deadly Waters - Kayakers Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbuic went exploring rivers in Central Africa with their mentor, Hendri Coetzee. Hendri never made it back.
  10. Hunted in the Artic - Sarah Landry and her brother kite-skit the Northwest Passage.
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Re: Edge of the Unknown with Jimmy Chin

Post by daway8 »

Yes, it's been mentioned in a couple threads recently. I watched the whole thing and found it interesting.

They seemed to somewhat strike a balance between on the one hand somewhat glamorizing extremely dangerous activities but on the other hand clearly showing the risks and admitting to mistakes.

It was interesting to see how some people moved on to different things after an accident while others continued with a renewed attention to watching for danger signs.
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