Remembering Ed Webster

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Remembering Ed Webster

Post by Ebenton »

I didn't know Mr Webster, I came across this article somewhere online a week or so ago. Mr Webster was born in Massachusetts, attended Colorado College, lived in Colorado Springs.
Webster, along with Steven Venables, Paul Teare, and Robert Anderson , put up Kangshng Face on the east side of Mt Everest. A link here ... hung-face/

Mr Webster passed way at his home In Maine, November 22 2022.
John Landers
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Re: Remembering Ed Webster

Post by John Landers »

Sorry to hear od Ed's passing. Sometime in the early 1990's, Ed was working at the Westminster Recreation Center as their climbing wall supervisor and I met him and talked to him regularly. A really nice and humble person. RIP
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Re: Remembering Ed Webster

Post by ltlFish99 »

in the late 1980ies, about a year after i joined the CMC, i had the pleasure of seeing mr. Webster give a slide show at an REI by Denver.
it had a lot of his rock climbing efforts and was wonderful. Rip mr. Webster.
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Re: Remembering Ed Webster

Post by laswa-guide »

Thanks for sharing.

I was privileged to attend a talk that Ed did for the CMC High Altitude Mountaineering School (HAMS) about his solo day on Changtse while on one of his 3 Everest trips. Then he was on a winter trip on Square Top. Nice, humble person who shared his knowledge with others.

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Re: Remembering Ed Webster

Post by SchralpTheGnar »

Was he related to Daniel Webster?
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Jim Davies
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Re: Remembering Ed Webster

Post by Jim Davies »

I saw a talk he gave about 20 years ago. His book on the Everest years is excellent. The Colorado Springs paper had a front-page story about him last week, with interviews of friends from his days at Colorado College. ... e1a73.html
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Re: Remembering Ed Webster

Post by docjohn »

I'm sorry to hear of Eds' death. He and I connected during our 1985 Everest West Ridge Expedition; I was the medical officer and he of course contributed mightily to the technical climbing from base camp to the Lho La.
RIP Ed...
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