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Name History (Grays Peak)

Title: Naming of Grays Peak

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Sources: Borneman, W.R., & Lampert, L.J. (1978). A climbing guide to Colorado's Fourteeners. Boulder, CO: Pruett Publishing Company. Eberhart, P., & Schmuck, P. (1970). The Fourteeners: Colorado's great mountains. Chicago: The Swallow Press. Hart, J.L.J. (1977). Fourteen thousand feet: A history of the naming and early ascents of the high Colorado peaks (Second Edition). Denver, CO: The Colorado Mountain Club.

Local Indians called Grays and Torreys Peaks "The Ant Hills," and early miners referred to them as "Twin Peaks." Torreys was sometimes called "Irwins Peak," after one of the first prospectors to explore the area, Richard Irwin, who built the first horse trail to the top of Grays Peak. Grays Peak and Torreys Peak were named in 1872 during a ceremony on the summit of Grays Peak, conducted by botanist Charles C. Parry, in honor of two of America's most famous botanists, Asa Gray and John Torrey, who first achieved fame in 1838 for their book, "Flora of North America." Gray climbed his namesake peak in July 1872 with his wife.

Name History (Grays Peak)

Title: Named in 1861 or 1872

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Sources: Wikapeidia

Wikipedia reports Parry climbed Gray's peak 11 years after he named the peak. He named it in 1861 and climbed it 11 year later in 1872.
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