Huron Peak

Name History (Huron Peak)

Title: Naming of Huron Peak

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Sources: Borneman, W.R., & Lampert, L.J. (1998). A climbing guide to Colorado's Fourteeners. Boulder, CO: Pruett Publishing Company. Eichler, G.R. (1977). Colorado Place Names: Communities/Counties/Peaks/Passes. Boulder, CO: Johnson Publishing.

The U.S. Geological Survey did not officially name the peak until 1956, and the exact origin of this mountain's name is unknown. Although some writers have claimed that the peak "was probably named for a Huron mine somewhere in the vicinity" (Borneman & Lampert, 1998, p. 91), others have contended that Huron was "probably named for the Indian tribe" (Eichler, 1977, p. 98 ).

The Native American Huron (also known as the Wyandot) were driven from central Ontario in 1650 and split into two factions: one traveling to Quebec, the other to the Ohio Valley. During the French Indian War (1754-1763), the Huron sided with the French unsuccessfully against the British. And during the American Revolution (1775-1783), the Huron sided with the British unsuccessfully against the Americans. In 1842, the U.S. Government relocated the Ohio Valley tribe of Huron to Kansas.

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