Colorado 13ers

Range Routes Member
Columbia Point056313,980'Sangre de Cristo1664
"Kitty Kat Carson"013,980'Sangre de Cristo1529
"Prow, The"013,980'Sangre de Cristo130
Adams A, Mt0661313,931'Sangre de Cristo1588
Red Mtn A0701713,908'Sangre de Cristo1914
California Pk0843113,849'Sangre de Cristo1622
"Huerfano Pk"0934013,828'Sangre de Cristo1644
"Obstruction Pk"01075413,799'Sangre de Cristo1456
Rito Alto Pk01105713,794'Sangre de Cristo2291
Vermejo Pk01358213,723'Sangre de Cristo100
Colony Baldy01439013,705'Sangre de Cristo190
Purgatoire Pk016010713,676'Sangre de Cristo99
PT 13,660 A016811513,660'Sangre de Cristo193
Hamilton Pk013,658'Sangre de Cristo11
West Spanish Pk018313013,626'Sangre de Cristo1694
Pico Aislado018813513,611'Sangre de Cristo123
Tijeras Pk018913613,604'Sangre de Cristo217
Electric Pk A019113813,598'Sangre de Cristo157
Cottonwood Pk A019514213,588'Sangre de Cristo178
Twin Pks A019914613,580'Sangre de Cristo163
PT 13,580 A020114813,580'Sangre de Cristo172
PT 13,577020515213,577'Sangre de Cristo241
Broken Hand Pk020915613,573'Sangre de Cristo1196
PT 13,565021215913,565'Sangre de Cristo69
PT 13,555013,555'Sangre de Cristo61
Fluted Pk021516213,554'Sangre de Cristo203
Gibbs Pk A021816513,553'Sangre de Cristo93
PT 13,546022116813,546'Sangre de Cristo164
PT 13,541022317013,541'Sangre de Cristo88
Twin Pks A South013,534'Sangre de Cristo110
"Peak of the Clouds"023918613,524'Sangre de Cristo1181
Milwaukee Pk024118813,522'Sangre de Cristo143
Trinchera Pk024319013,517'Sangre de Cristo1208
PT 13,517 B013,517'Sangre de Cristo70
"Silver Pk"024719413,513'Sangre de Cristo117
Eureka Mtn A025119813,507'Sangre de Cristo175
Iron Nipple013,500'Sangre de Cristo1553
PT 13,490026120813,490'Sangre de Cristo71
Marcy, Mt026220913,490'Sangre de Cristo109
Cuatro Pk026421113,487'Sangre de Cristo101
Miranda Pk013,468'Sangre de Cristo63
"Alamosito"027622313,466'Sangre de Cristo94
Horn Pk028923613,450'Sangre de Cristo1321
Spread Eagle Pk030525213,423'Sangre de Cristo2219
Cleveland Pk031025713,414'Sangre de Cristo56
Mariquita Pk031626313,405'Sangre de Cristo188
PT 13,401032126813,401'Sangre de Cristo55
PT 13,384032827513,384'Sangre de Cristo52
Music Mtn033628313,380'Sangre de Cristo1178
Lakes Pk033928613,375'Sangre de Cristo124
De Anza Pk A034729413,362'Sangre de Cristo107
Hermit Pk A035330013,350'Sangre de Cristo1249
Herard, Mt035930613,340'Sangre de Cristo1111
Owen A, Mt036130813,340'Sangre de Cristo85
Maxwell, Mt013,335'Sangre de Cristo1115
Venable Pk036731413,334'Sangre de Cristo278
De Anza Pk B036831513,333'Sangre de Cristo75
Comanche Pk A041836513,277'Sangre de Cristo285
"Crestolita"042337013,270'Sangre de Cristo68
Marble Mtn A042737413,266'Sangre de Cristo1263
Spring Mtn044339013,244'Sangre de Cristo215
PT 13,229045740413,229'Sangre de Cristo50
Thirsty Pk013,213'Sangre de Cristo112
Eagle Pk A048242913,205'Sangre de Cristo133
"Leaning South Pk"048843513,203'Sangre de Cristo109
Beaubien Pk049744413,184'Sangre de Cristo72
"Medano Pk"052046713,153'Sangre de Cristo89
PT 13,153052246913,153'Sangre de Cristo88
Little Horn Pk053147813,143'Sangre de Cristo1212
Francisco Pk054248913,135'Sangre de Cristo69
Lomo Liso Mtn054649313,128'Sangre de Cristo72
PT 13,123 B054949613,123'Sangre de Cristo124
PT 13,122055149813,122'Sangre de Cristo65
Bushnell Pk056551213,105'Sangre de Cristo134
PT 13,100 C013,100'Sangre de Cristo8
"Leaning North Pk"013,100'Sangre de Cristo91
"Huerfanito"058453113,081'Sangre de Cristo136
Hunts Pk059454113,071'Sangre de Cristo1192
PT 13,062 A059854513,062'Sangre de Cristo59
PT 13,060 A060154813,060'Sangre de Cristo58
PT 13,054060655313,054'Sangre de Cristo53
"Dead Man Pk"061055713,050'Sangre de Cristo47
PT 13,028062156813,028'Sangre de Cristo59
PT 13,020 A062657313,020'Sangre de Cristo84
Twin Sisters North063257913,012'Sangre de Cristo125
Summits shown in gray do not have enough prominence to be a ranked peak. Those shown in "quotes" are not officially named by the USGS.

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