Peak:  "T 0" (13er)
 Route:  Fromp Campbell
 Range:  San Juan
 Posted By:  illusion7il
 Date of Info:  09/13/2018
 Date Posted:  09/13/2018

Other than a quick 20 min bushwack and a very brief 2+ section this route is actually just a straight forward walk up. The standard route looks like the ultimate scree buffet.

Does anyone know the meaning or how it got the unoffical name "T0" ?

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Congrats on the Highest 202!
09/14/2018 08:16
Way to go, Preston! No idea about "T0." I climbed it from Yankee Boy Basin and blue lakes since the road was washed out last July for a day, which was sort of a pain. You really powered through the 202 Highest. Really impressive how you did them all as day hikes. Bravo! (Maybe Telluride has a mountaineering museum or connections at their gear shop to people who know?) Can't wait to read the extended report!

T is for...
09/16/2018 14:35
...Telluride. S=Sneffels, V=Vermilion, R=Rico and I think there are some U peaks near Uncompahgre. They're usually in numerical order along a ridge. If a number seems to have been skipped there's probably a named peak with that number instead.

09/16/2018 16:37
Matt - Thanks for the info and yet the answer was so simple.

Rob - Thanks and I hope to have the trip report done by mid October.

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