Peak:  James Peak (13er)
 Route:  St Marys to SE slopes
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  easyridertme
 Date of Info:  04/14/2019
 Date Posted:  04/15/2019

Snow coverage from TH to the lake is still okay but looks like it's melting quickly. We were still able to skin, but you'll probably need to boot for a short distance around the lake to get to the glorified snowfield. Faced a stiff 20+mph headwind climbing the snowfield, but the wind surprisingly tapered off a bit during the flats, only to pick up with a vengeance as we approached the summit. As of Sunday, you could still pick your way across the flats on skins, but that'll likely be a boot soon too without more snow.

Skiing down the SE slopes would have been wonderful but it was overcast and chilly, so the top layer never quite softened up. We were stuck with varying degrees of very hard crust/ice with the occasional shallow (2-4 inches), grabby wind slab... not to mention super flat light. St Marys itself had softened by 2ish and was nice skiing.

1st pic - snow blowing down during the climb up from the lake.
2nd pic - summit. where'd the clear skies go??

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