Peak:  Mt. Spalding (13er)
 Route:  East Ridge
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  ClimberSkierDave64
 Date of Info:  06/19/2019
 Date Posted:  06/29/2019

Hiked from Summit Lake up Mt. Spaulding on the 19th. There was a few inches of snow overnight but windloaded areas had up to a foot. We carried carried skis and hiked in ski boots to the top of Mt. Spaulding in about an 1:30 and then skied the Sunshine Couloir. The trail up was a lot of ice and snow but got so much wind that it was only an inch. The ice made climbing up and over obstacles quite slippery. The only tough part was a small 7 foot tall class 3 obstacle that was hard in ski boots without crampons as it was covered in ice. It was then an easy trudge up the windloaded ridge. The whole SE Face of Mt Spaulding is completely covered and skiable. Sunshine Couloir has an avoidable cornice that has a crack on top and may break off. The snow was corn with patches of a few inches of Powder. We looked at Top Gun Couloir and it had a 30 foot cornice on top that would need to be rappelled.

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