Peak:  Jagged Mountain (13er)
 Route:  Standard via Noname
 Range:  San Juan
 Posted By:  HikerGuy
 Date of Info:  09/03/2019
 Date Posted:  09/04/2019

Completely dry, no snow on route. All rap anchors in good shape, but always inspect before rapping. Our group of three soloed all of the cruxes. We downclimbed the summit chimney and then made three raps using a 60m rope. One area of avalanche debris from two slides in Noname Basin. Cross over to right (south) side of creek and continue until past debris then cross back to left (north) side of creek.

Day 1 - Hiked in from Purgatory and camped at Noname Basin turnoff.
Day 2 - Hiked up Noname Basin and camped at 11,800, met my train-riding partners here.
Day 3 - Summited and hiked back down Noname Basin to camp at turnoff.
Day 4 - Hiked out to Purgatory and drove home.

#1 - North Face
#2 - First Crux
#3 - Second Crux
#4 - Third Crux
#5 - Summit Chimney
#6 - Summit Pano
#7 - Avalanche Debris Bypass

Photos (click for slideshow):

Comments or Questions
09/05/2019 07:02
Glad the timing worked out for you. What a great finisher!!

09/05/2019 13:18
Thank you! It's a cool mountain, one tough mofo to get to, but awesome. Definitely my favorite peak. Congrats to you as well for getting Jupiter, Pigeon and Turret this past weekend.

Summit Chimney
09/05/2019 21:35
Did you upclimb the choked summit chimney, or did you take the earlier bypass up from the south-face ledge? Thanks in advance.

No Bypass
09/08/2019 13:05
We did not see the bypass on the way up. I noticed it on the way down, but downclimbing the chimney as we had ascended seemed easy. We stemmed it up and down, feet on one side and hands/back/butt on the other. A few scoots and you are up or down past the rock blocking easy passage. We did have to take our packs off, but they were easily handed up and down from one person to another. Have fun, it's a fantastic peak!

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