Peak:  "Phoenix Peak" (13er)
 Route:  South Slopes from Phoenix Park
 Range:  San Juan
 Posted By:  9patrickmurphy
 Date of Info:  09/12/2019
 Date Posted:  09/13/2019

Trail is pretty straightforward, decently well-defined below treeline, typical 13er trail.

The 502 road is closed due to a washout, and it sounds like fixing it is rather low on the Forest Service's priority list. You can still get to the start of the Phoenix Park 4WD road by taking 503 to a forest service road that goes north, then switchbacks down the other side of a hill. This road is really good, any AWD car will have no issue, potentially possible with 2WD and good clearance.

Don't drive the Phoenix Park road unless you have a lot of clearance. I mean a lot. I take my stock 2004 4Runner up a lot of stuff, and I believe myself to be a rather experienced offroader at this point, and this road was very difficult. I got out with minimal body damage (but non-zero). If you have a lifted 4Runner, Jeep, or the like, you should be fine with good line selection, but line selection is vital as the rocks on this road are very large. This road would probably be a "5" on Middlebrook's trailhead rating scale. For some reason I thought the road got better after the first section, but it stays the same and then gets a lot worse. There are hardly any areas to turn around. Walking the road only adds 3 miles at most, and it would be an easy stroll.

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