Peak:  Savage Peak (13er)
 Route:  Northeast Ridge
 Range:  Sawatch
 Posted By:  Trotter
 Date of Info:  10/09/2019
 Date Posted:  10/09/2019

So for people doing this not when its all buried in snow, a couple tips. The first 0.5 mile or so from the 4WD trailhead, is either walking on a 4x4 road. OR me and several other hikers could not find the hiking trail that the route description mentions. But you are ok to follow the 4x4 trail, as it ends up at a small parking area with a pond that has a big wilderness sign. Behind that sign is the missouri lakes trail.

1.5 miles in from the 4WD trailhead, there is a very large avalanche area, about 200 yards long and 200 yards wide. There must be a thousand trees tossed in there, its actually very impressive. Theres an unofficial trail that breaks off at this point to the right, that bypasses MOST of the logs. It also gains then loses about 100 feet or so to do that.
I tried going on the original trail on my way back, straight through the logs because someone has spent a LOT of time chainsawing all the logs to open the original trail back up. However, they only did about halfway through the distance before stopping, so then I had to climb over and under a lot of logs. And its still got about 3 feet of snow under the debris, so there was some postholing.

Basically, take the bypass trail and gain the 100 feet extra.

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