Peak:  "Drift Peak" (13er)
 Route:  Northwest Ridge
 Range:  Tenmile
 Posted By:  jibler
 Date of Info:  11/16/2019
 Date Posted:  11/17/2019

Busted up this way fairly quickly yesterday - and was essentially all set to actual take the final steep section beyond the upper ridge.

BUT wind blew cold and these hovering snow storms looked like weather I didn't want to be in.

PLUS the ridge in photos took a bit longer to cross than anticipated - and I didn't want to cross it in foul weather either.

AND crossing this snowy ridge was in fact a ton of fun - so I thought I would just take my time back across and take a ton of photos.

IF there were any more snow - crossing would have been extremely complicated. As it was I had just my winter boots on - no poles no extra traction devices.

(weather in fact did hold - if I was willing to put up with cold it coulda mine!)

Photos (click for slideshow):

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