Peak:  Pettingell Peak (13er)
 Route:  South Slopes
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  madmattd
 Date of Info:  11/17/2019
 Date Posted:  11/17/2019

We swung around to climber's right on the way up instead of taking the ramp/gully from the lake due to it looking like it was full of potentially deep drifted powder (this was partially accurate). Above the lake we encountered a mix of boilerplate and powder when there was snow, and plenty of bare rocks and tundra too. No notable issues making the summit other than picking what is likely a steeper but more direct line up the last couple hundred feet to the summit. On the way down we glissaded the ramp, it too was a mix of boilerplate and powder, enough to keep speed under control. It would have been brutal to ascend. Microspikes were essential at times, and useful at many others, anything less was not effective at times. Snowshoes would have been useful for only a couple short stretches, not bringing them was overall the right call.

One other person made the summit today by taking a route to the North of the standard approach to the summit (still an Eastern approach, hitting the summit from the East), he described it as "awful" in places, though more due to stiff wind gusts than anything, but he did run into a few places he would have needed full crampons to navigate. By and large we had winds consistent with the predictions, that is c.a. 15mph sustained with gusts approaching 30mph. In many places we had far less winds.

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