Peak:  Chipeta Mountain (13er)
 Route:  Modified CDT/CT
 Range:  Sawatch
 Posted By:  mikemalick
 Date of Info:  05/30/2020
 Date Posted:  05/30/2020

Already been up Mt Ouray so decided against that approach and instead opted for the CDT/CT trail and hang a hard right to head east up to the saddle and from there on to Chipeta. However, around 11,400' where the mine shows on the TOPO maps, the snow drifts across the trail started getting worse. Put on gaiters, but still decided to alter my route.

Where the trail meets the "rock glacier" around 11,600', I decided to head up to the ridge from there. You could clearly see there was no snow and the way up seemed reasonable. From that point to the summit of Chipeta you do not have to touch any snow at all so the gaiters came off.

Of course the snow on the CDT/CT was soft on the return. Gaiters came in handy again. Overall a very nice day, but had to hustle to stay ahead of the quickly building storms. Rain/hail started shortly after getting back to the pass.

Pics 1/2 show some conditions past the mine. Pic 3 is leaving the trees and coming out to that clearing where the "rock glacier" is that I headed up. 4 is looking diagonally down towards the clearing I came up. 5 is on the ridge looking at the entire remaining route. 6 the final summit ridge and 7 summit shot looking to Mt Ouray with Antora in the background.

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