Peak:  Tijeras Peak (13er)
 Route:  NW Ridge from Lower Sand Creek Lake
 Range:  Sangre de Cristo
 Posted By:  Tony1
 Date of Info:  09/19/2020
 Date Posted:  09/21/2020

The access gully to get through the cliffy section between the lower and upper bowls is completely filled with snow, ranging from mid-calf deep to mid-thigh deep (average height adult male). It is deeper the closer you get to the western wall where snow fell in from above. The snow was not hard, but not sugar either - a good in-between which made it easy to create a bootpack.

My party of 3 had microspikes and helmets, but I forgot my spikes at camp (whoops), so I went first. At least I had gaiters (those helped a ton). Wasn't too bad, was able to pack down to the rock/dirt with almost every step. Near the top, we veered left to finish out the section on dry rock. I imagine the bootpack will stay there until the area receives additional snow.

I'd recommend microspikes, helmet, and gaiters right now. Poles couldn't hurt either. I can't speak for how descending this would go, as we went to Music after Tijeras.

The mountain was otherwise in summer hiking conditions.

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