Peak:  Pettingell Peak (13er)
 Route:  East ridge
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  Will_E
 Date of Info:  03/28/2021
 Date Posted:  03/29/2021

There's a fantastic trench all the way to Herman lake. I headed up the south ridge just before the lake, left my snowshoes just up the ridge. After turning onto the east ridge, I went a short distance before putting on crampons, there's a *lot* of snow on the east ridge, I've been to Herman lake many times in winter/spring, I've never seen it this snowy. I descended the west side, it was easy to get down, the snow wasn't super deep (and had to do it without snowshoes, they were on the other side of the mountain). Great time, I really like Pettingell, it has great views, and doesn't take all day if you're pressed for time, as I was today.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Pettingell on the far right.#2) East ridge in the distance#3#4) East ridge.#5) East ridge.#6) Looking back on the East ridge.#7) From summit looking south.#8) Just above Herman Lake#9) Looking back on the East ridge.#10) Final obstacle on the East ridge. Fun stuff.#11

Comments or Questions
Nice work!
03/29/2021 09:22
We definitely got passed by you as we were snowshoeing up to the lake. I followed your tracks up the south ridge to see if I could see where you made it to, and saw a tiny speck up on the ridge once we made it to the lake. Glad you had a good climb, the conditions were perfect yesterday.

03/29/2021 11:00
It was a nice day for it, wind up high wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be.

03/29/2021 11:01
I wish there was a way to click a "like" on a Peak Conditions Report. Your PCR''s are better than a lot of trip reports. I love this one. And it doesn't hurt that Pettingel is one of my fav peaks.

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