Peak:  "Cupid" (13er)
 Route:  Dave\'s Wave
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  ClimberSkierDave64
 Date of Info:  04/21/2021
 Date Posted:  04/22/2021

We parked on Loveland Pass and skinned the standard hiking route to the top. We were able to skin all but one short section on the traverse around Sniktau's false summit. Visibility was bad and the winds were howling on the final ridge to the top. The skiing down Dave's Wave was good powdery snow up high, although the leeward slopes below the wave looked to be loaded. We stayed on top of the wave (skier's right) because of the flat light and lack of wind loading until lower down where it turns to the skier's right. Then, we skied a steeper pitch which had about 4 to 5 inches of light, not wind affected powder on top of a crust. Below that, we skied the Ironing Board to treeline which had the same powder on crust conditions. Overall, some pretty fun and safe skiing.

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Comments or Questions
04/23/2021 11:39
Thanks for taking the time to upload a report.

How was the ridgeline for snow? I know you said visibility sucked but were you able to see much towards Grizzly?

I'm considering the Torrey's West Ridge route this weekend which goes via Cupid.

04/23/2021 12:51
The main trail to the junction with the ridge to Cupid was somewhat packed snow on pretty much all of the trail. I was actually surprised that we were able to ski almost to the top of Cupid. The Sniktau/Cupid cutoff to the top of Cupid, the trail looked clear of any deep snow, but we stayed left of the ridge with skis where there was more snow. We couldn't see any farther than 100 yards from the top so I wouldn't know about the ridge further along. I would guess its talus filled in with the recent snow this week. We didn't see any tracks heading that way. Definitely don't go around the summer bypass towards Cupid like we did without skis because there is a lot more snow. Hope that helps a little!

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