Peak:  Hoosier Ridge (13er)
 Route:  Horseshoe Basin/Northeast Face
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  Chicago Transplant
 Date of Info:  04/24/2021
 Date Posted:  04/24/2021

Skied after skiing Red, had come down Red to where the east face flattens out then skinned up to the Hoosier/Red Saddle. Was able to skin the whole way to the summit by going through the rocks in a few places.
Skied off the summit along the north ridge until it starts to roll into the north east face. Some sharks that I had to traverse through before the bowl opened up below. I stuck skiers left closer to the ridge to avoid any potential slides in the bowl, the snow was drier than Red's east face and skied really well, but I did slough some snow on my first turn above the bowl, hence the caution as the route steepened below me. Horseshoe exit is flat and sticky, lots of work. Two short (10 feet tops) dry spots on the road that I just walked through. Summit to car door without taking off the skis, just the way I like it!

First photo is slopes to saddle from bottom of Red ski, Second is ridge, Third is looking down decent from above sharks, Fourth is looking back from Horseshoe Basin exit, Hoosier Descent on left, Red Descent on right.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Route to Hoosier-Red saddle#2) Ridge Descent#3) Northeast Bowl from Above#4) Descents from Horseshoe Basin

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