Peak:  Star Peak A (13er)
 Route:  from Taylor, NE face
 Range:  Elk
 Posted By:  SnowAlien
 Date of Info:  05/06/2021
 Date Posted:  05/06/2021

Fantastic conditions right now, very little wet slide debris. With a solid freeze we were able to ski both peaks. Road is gated at Pearl pass turnoff. Snow starts about a mile up the road, well before the hut. We went up Taylor first and skied the east face (great coverage), traversed around to Star and skinned up the face to the saddle ~13,300 ft, booted the ridge from there. Dropped the 2nd line @noon, still solid conditions. Exited the ~12,600ft (lower) saddle between 2 peaks, perfect corn in the basin, even trees down lower were still solid. Do not recommend approach via North couloir (we almost took it), doesn't look like that ridge goes. June couloir doesn't appear to be in.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Star from Taylor#2) Spicy final bit on Taylor#3) Taylor ski#4) Star from ~12,200 ft#5) Skin to win#6) Ridge to North couloir#7) Spicy ridge on Star (hey, in ski boots they are all spicy!)#8) final bit#9) Ski down#10) Star NE face#11) Great afternoon corn in the basin

Comments or Questions
05/06/2021 21:38!

which side
05/25/2021 08:33
which side did you start from - Aspen or Crested Butte? I'm trying to get my bearings for this area and I know you can go from either side. I think the huts are on the Aspen side though, so I'm guessing that's how you went. Not sure what the access is like from CB right now but I was hoping to go in from County Road 742

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