Peak:  "The Unicorn" (13er)
 Route:  Treasure Creek
 Range:  San Juan
 Posted By:  hr011242
 Date of Info:  06/19/2021
 Date Posted:  06/20/2021

Combined with Summit and Montezuma. Order of ops was Summit > Unicorn > Montezuma, but I think it would be even easier to do the route in reverse to get a good eye on the CDT. Snow covered much of the CDT above 11,700 ft but the route is still very easy to follow. Didn't use traction; I just like to carry it everywhere for fun. Also as a side note, Elwood Pass is INSANE. I think I was so tired from the last week of biking that I took an unintended route in that my 4Runner had no business being on. She did great and I managed not to kill her, but if you like your stock 4WD vehicle, avoid that road.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Summit#2) Summit#3) Unicorn and Monty#4) Summit#5) Summit#6) Unicorn

Comments or Questions
06/20/2021 09:31
Robin and I are doing these in a couple days! Glad they're looking good to go

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