Peak:  Jagged Mountain (13er)
 Route:  North Face
 Range:  San Juan
 Posted By:  cochsman
 Date of Info:  08/05/2021
 Date Posted:  08/06/2021

We came in from Vallecito Reservoir. First ford of the Vallecito Creek came to just above knees and the second came to just below knees. The Sunlight Creek drainage has a trail but it is hard to follow in spots. Downed trees, overgrown vegetation, etc. There is a Cinnamon Bear hanging out in the lower drainage. We saw him both on the way in and out. Small campground at 11,500 has enough room for a couple tents. One other marginal campsite 50 yards up the trail. The upper approach is mainly bushwhacking with the appearance of a trail form time to time - at least in the dark. On the way down we were able to follow the "trail" much easier. The upper route was relatively easy to follow. My partner was unfamiliar with 5th class so we chose to rope up. I brought C4s .5 - 2 and barely placed any year. A 3 and a 4 would have protected the pitches much better, if you want to lug those up. At the top of all technical pitches there was at least a slung rock. In fact there were slung rocks everywhere as if there wasn't an establish rap route. Webbing on the summit is worn but has left. Other webbing on the route is marginal at best. I chopped some tat from the 2nd rap station and added another piece of 1" webbing. **NOTE - I left my knife next to the anchor. If you retrieve then I will buy you a beer.** We brought a 9mm 70m and enjoyed long raps and a quick descent, but any length of rope would work based on how many slung rocks I saw. Register pipe is busted and register is nowhere to be found. Needs completely new one.

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