Peak:  Crestone Peak (14er)
 Route:  Crestones Traverse
 Range:  Sangre de Cristo
 Posted By:  Lordofthegnar
 Date of Info:  08/06/2021
 Date Posted:  08/07/2021

Summer conditions the entire way. Decent amount of water flowing through the middle of the Red Gully, but easily avoidable and frankly quite pretty. Trail got a little soggy around Cottonwood Lake but also not too tricky to avoid.
NOAA weather forecast breezy conditions with winds 15-20mph with gusts high as 30mph, so that made me a little nervous. Mountain weather indicated 10mph sustained throughout the day. The night prior to the climb, the wind howled while camping at South Colony Lake, but upon ascending Crestone Peak, I found the winds to be pretty mild. Went for the traverse and all was well!
If you're worried about the wind, hit Crestone Peak and see how it is from there.
A note on the crux wall: I feel like all the GoPro shots I watched made it seem way gnarlier. I was surprised how short the steepest part was, and while it got my heart rate up, I thought the class 4 ridge on Kit Carson was more intense. My two cents though - of course do your homework and come prepared I went way left and then moved back to the right a few feet. It is more exposed on the left but honestly you're going to be in trouble if you fall left or fall right, so I'd stick to the left as it's less steep. The right part of the wall looked terrifying but the left wasn't too bad minus one or two sketchy parts where I didn't like my foot holds.
In line with others about the Needle - it is very tricky to stay on route and I found the steepness to be light Class 4 in some places.

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