Peak:  Jagged Mountain (13er)
 Route:  Beartown to Sunlight
 Range:  San Juan
 Posted By:  dcruz654
 Date of Info:  09/20/2021
 Date Posted:  09/22/2021

Amazing conditions up there on Monday.
Expect 2-3 hours from either Silverton or Creede. The 506 road is pretty gnarly the last couple miles to beartown, expect some dings.

Sunlight creek trail is easy to follow except for maybe less than a quarter mile before the final headwall. However, about 40% of it is pretty over grown so you will be pushing branches and scraping lots along the way.

Camp to base of jagged isn't too bad, it's just a decent amount of vert.
We roped crux one and freed the rest. I placed a #2 BD (yellow) that would have taken a 3 better, and a #4 dmm torque nut (blue) in it's wide position on crux 1. Maybe two #3 BD's would have been all I needed? A negligible amount of snow on ledges above crux 1. Toping out crux 3 was a touch spicy with no hand holds. Final crux felt the easiest.
Rapped crux 4,3,1. A 35 meter halved got us down each of those but just barely on crux one, we had to down climb 5'. Anchors are okay but just okay, definitely take backups just in case.
Packing out was absolutely brutal, we did it after a long break at camp and got back to the TH at 9pm.

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