Peak:  Unnamed 13811 (13er)
 Route:  From Bent Creek
 Range:  San Juan
 Posted By:  Tornadoman
 Date of Info:  01/29/2022
 Date Posted:  01/30/2022

Parked near a small outhouse (unlocked with TP) 10.2 miles from JCT with HWY. 149. From TH to 10,200' some patches of snow, but many dry sections with steep tundra, scree, etc. Dodged around a couple cliff bands. I would recommend leaving the snowshoes off to avoid a few gear changes. Above about 10,200' we followed a fresh trench (we parked behind a car at TH) and followed that to treeline. Never too deep, snow was several inches to nearly knee deep but enough that snowshoes certainly helped. Above treeline it was fairly dry to 13,811, patches of an inch of snow or so. We used spikes as it helped with snow and was fine on the steep dirt/scree sections. The other hiker continued on to 13,832 so we never encountered them. We descended as we had a late start and didn't want to be benighted. Ridge toward 13,832 appeared much snowier and a bit more rugged (Picture 6).

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Rocky step on ridge#2) Trench on 13,811#3) Above treeline#4) Snowy spots#5) Up high#6) Ridge to bump 13,632 and UN 13,832#7) Descent

Comments or Questions
Mystery hiker
01/30/2022 17:17
Haha, not me. I heard it was a slog

01/30/2022 17:46
I‘ve had these on my radar for a while for snowy season. Maybe I‘ll have to give it a shot later this winter or spring!

I was perplexed!
01/31/2022 08:06
I was really confused on the descent when I discovered how much my trench had been improved! I never saw you guys!

Thank you...
01/31/2022 12:43
For the trench, it definitely helped us. As we were debating where to park in the morning we saw your vehicle and I had a good feeling that we were in for some assistance! We saw someone wearing black (or at least dark clothing) well ahead of us a couple times; you were moving over the top of 13,632 point when we arrived at 13,811 summit.

Question for Sarah T
01/31/2022 13:40
Was there any remaining trench when you went up? My buddy and I did that exact route two weeks ago.

old track
01/31/2022 16:38
Hey Geckser - yes I did find substantial remnants of your old track.

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