Peak:  Mt. Sherman (14er)
 Route:  Southwest Ridge
 Range:  Mosquito
 Posted By:  JaredJohnson
 Date of Info:  02/20/2022
 Date Posted:  02/21/2022

Not much to change from previous day's report, but a word to the unwise such as myself. Some folks going up the SW ridge route left a couple of prominent tracks going roughly straight up the cornice (red on the map). I followed those tracks and kept it arguably safe but it was unnecessarily steep and on snow that if it's not sketch now, it will be sooner than later. With my contribution those are probably the most prominent tracks unless the wind has already blown them away. There are better and safer routes both left and right of that choice, I chose skier's left on the downhill (one of the blue lines). From caltopo it looks like the green track is the avy-smartest.

The wind was nuts, it made the day harder but that is kind of the fun of it. On the plus side it was just the right direction to practically push you up the ridge once you acquire it. Would not want to be caught unprepared in that wind chill though.

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Comments or Questions
02/23/2022 17:03
Did it look like there was enough snow to ski?

02/23/2022 18:57
I skinned up to leavick and stashed my skis a little above there. I didn't miss them until I got to the ridge, the slope that I booted down (blue line) would have been fun to ski. but not a whole lot of vert for hauling the skis up there and back down to leavick on dirt. there are probably better places to go right now if your primary goal is not tagging sherman (:

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