Peak:  Rosalie Peak (13er)
 Route:  East Ridge
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  Posthole Pete
 Date of Info:  03/19/2022
 Date Posted:  03/20/2022

Reminder: No county maintenance from the campground to the trailhead. (I forgot and we got stuck first thing in the am)
Had a snowshoe track from the trailhead up to the 2nd creek crossing. After that we picked up a deer track that followed the trail incredibly well. A deer track up deer creek! Followed the track up to treeline and then began to cut west towards the summit. Snow was pretty consistent with intermittent rocks all the way to the summit. Riding wise snow was funky. Very variable, flipped 3 times from submarines. Other than that, got some fun turns once in the gulley. Should have cut into skiers left trees once at the bottom of the gulley sooner. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be to find the trail from the bottom of tanglewood creek. Splitski out was quick and much deserved.

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#1#2#3#4) around 11,100#5) Lucas topping out#6#7) Fun Perspective

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