Peak:  Hoosier Ridge (13er)
 Route:  From Hoosier Pass
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  Carl_Healy
 Date of Info:  03/27/2022
 Date Posted:  03/27/2022

Hit this today along with Red Mountain A and Red Peak C from Hoosier Pass.

Well packed track through most of treeline, though snow shoes were still helpful both one the way up around 7:00 AM and on the way down in the afternoon. Stashed them at treeline.
Beyond treeline I'd say the entire route may have been maybe 60% dry, and the snow that was there wasn't too troublesome. Didn't need snowshoes or spikes at least to Hoosier Ridge summit.
Great day weather wise too.
Only saw one other hiker on the ridge with a beautiful German Shepperd (Drogo)

For info on part of route from Hoosier Ridge Summit to either Reds see those respective peaks.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Following heavily packed track and nearly out of treeline#2#3) False summits abound, but at least the real one is visible here

Comments or Questions
Saw you up there
03/27/2022 21:18
I can't believe you spelt my dogs name right. Most people can't even pronounce it and then try to claim they are Game of Thrones fans after they find out where it's from. Ended up getting Hoosier and both Reds. Thanks for the crucial beta! I wasn't planning on doing that group so I had limited beta and would have certainly orphaned the unranked Red had y'all not mentioned it to me! Although at the time I certainly wasn't thrilled there was another.

Re: jpenny99
03/27/2022 21:41
Good to meet you and glad you got the other peaks in!
Certainly makes for a long day adding Silverheels in too!

And who could forget the experience of witnessing a Khal conquering Colorado Peaks!

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