Peak:  Mt. Buckskin (13er)
 Route:  South ridge
 Range:  Mosquito
 Posted By:  halfapackofapache
 Date of Info:  03/27/2022
 Date Posted:  03/28/2022

I parked at the Paris mill and immediately went west toward buckskins south ridge rather than walking the road up to kite lake. The snow was anywhere from calf to waist deep for about 15-20 min as I crossed over to the ridge. The rock was very loose and it was fairly steep gaining the ridge itself. But it was practically bone dry. Once on the ridge itself it was smooth sailing. I brought micro spikes with me but never put them on. I wore trail runners the whole time as there wasn't much snow and most of it could be avoided. It was windy all day on the ridge as expected. Passed over Loveland mtn on the way to buckskin. I descended the northeast slope off buckskin down to kite lake. There was a clear route down with hardly any snow as long as I rock hopped effectively. Snow was very soft in the afternoon with the warm temps near kite lake. Jogged back from kite lake to the car. I saw TONS of avy activity over on Democrat. I chose this ridge hike to avoid as much snow as I could and I'd say it worked very well. Started at 11am back to the car at 4pm.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Gaining ridge#2) Pretty steep here still gaining ridge#3) Close to the top of the ridge looking over at Democrat#4) Ridge#5) Ridge#6) Ridge#7) Buckskin summit#8) Looking back at buckskin from “north buckskin”#9) Lots of moving snow over on Democrat#10

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