Peak:  "Cupid" (13er)
 Route:  Grizzly and Cupid from Loveland Pass
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  daway8
 Date of Info:  04/30/2022
 Date Posted:  04/30/2022

Adding a few details and some more pictures to go along with the Grizzly Peak D update from boucry. From Loveland Pass to the ridge is a mix of rock, ice, snow, and dirt. Small cornices on the east side of the ridge to Sniktau but not an issue unless you're wondering well off the trail. Relatively dry to Cupid; started getting more consistent snow between Cupid and Grizzly. Only went to the main hump between Cupid and Grizzly. Glad I hauled my snowshoes, even though I never took them off my pack - great conditioning workout, along with a dozen other unused things in my monster pack (including the unused but cool looking ice-axe!). Never used traction - didn't need it (though I didn't start until almost 10am). This is a perfect route to lug a bunch of unnecessary stuff - all the little ups and downs make for a great workout with a hefty pack on your back! Incredibly beautiful, clear day - least amount of wind I've ever encountered in this region - just a few periods of mildly gusty wind. Will upload pictures of the surrounding peaks as well.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Going up from Loveland Pass on rock, ice, snow and dirt.#2) Looking over towards Sniktau with some small cornices on the  east.#3) Can see The Citadel in the distant left - looks like lots of snow on it.#4) Looking to Grays and Torreys and Kelso Ridge#5) Looking towards Parnassus/Bard#6) Cupid, Grizzly and Grays/Torreys#7) Decent size cornices going over towards Grizzly#8) Another view of Grays/Torreys#9) Looking over to Grizzly from the halfway hump#10) A-basin ski resort#11) One of a few short little glissade options as seen on the return

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