Peak:  Mt. Sherman (14er)
 Route:  Southwest Ridge
 Range:  Mosquito
 Posted By:  Mt_DAN
 Date of Info:  05/25/2022
 Date Posted:  05/25/2022

Road was snowy but drivable to about a 1/4 mile before the gate at 12,000 with a 4 wheel drive Cherokee. We chose to use snow shoes to float over the fresh drifts along the trail. Average snow depth was about a foot. Due to high winds (40 mph or more) we chose to turn around at Hilltop Mine. We could see spindrift streaming off the higher ridges near the summit.

Ps- wishing the Speedo 14er guy the best of luck!

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Gen bracing for another snow-nado.#2) Spindrift swirling around Sherman.

Comments or Questions
05/25/2022 15:28
did you get any pictures of the rest of fourmile creek??

Sorry : (
05/25/2022 15:30
Sorry, didn‘t get any pics lower down.

Snow was about a foot deep and melting fast around 4 mile creek.

Lost gaiters
05/25/2022 21:28
May have left some red OR gaiters at TH. Reward if found.

Is the
05/26/2022 17:50
cornice still present on the ridge over the standard route? (or where the standard route would be, roughly) I assume it's not but am not sure if you made it far enough to get a good look. Thanks!

05/26/2022 20:01
It‘s there but can be skirted on the right.

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