Peak:  Mt. Sherman (14er)
 Route:  Southwest Ridge
 Range:  Mosquito
 Posted By:  MaryinColorado
 Date of Info:  05/27/2022
 Date Posted:  05/27/2022

Didn't actually summit Sherman, split off to Sheridan at the saddle, but I have some good beta. Full winter conditions out there!

Road is dry until the small lot just down from the gate. The lot at the gate is preceded by deep snow/ruts, and the lot contains a large drift.

Overnight temps weren't low enough for snow to be terribly crusty, so some post-holing was had on ascent. I carried my snowshoes just in case I encountered problematic depths; no regrets. Never used them but was tempted to on descent because the snow was so soft and shifty. Decided to just suffer through it but have zero regrets about bringing the snowshoes just in case.

There is still a cornice prominent enough that standard route cannot be pursued. I saw people instead taking a more direct steep ascent to the right of the ridge to avoid the cornice; however, the problem with that ascent path is it is steep and snowy. I wouldn't want to be on that without an ice axe and knowing how to use said ice axe.

That said, I do not personally recommend anybody new/newer take chances out there right now since it is full winter conditions. The area will melt out soon enough providing for safer - and more enjoyable - ventures!

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