Peak:  Antora Peak (13er)
 Route:  Kerber Creek/East
 Range:  Sawatch
 Posted By:  malogos
 Date of Info:  05/27/2022
 Date Posted:  05/27/2022

Below treeline, avoidable patches of snow, but this means lots of bushwacking. Above treeline, numerous bands of snow, most of which are avoidable. Walked on dry tundra and talus for all but maybe 100yds of the ascent. Then I realized the snow bands tend to be only 2-3in deep and just started going through them on the descent. No flotation or spikes necessary.

Comments or Questions
05/27/2022 20:24
How was the road up 862? I've read on reports its not really 4WD but I curious about snow or ice. I plan on heading this way on Monday. Did you hit the Sheep Mtns also?

05/27/2022 20:42
862 was totally clear of snow. I would say that you want moderate clearance and don't need 4WD, but I did it in a lifted Jeep and so I tend to overlook easier roads.

I didn't summit Sheep -- I just took its south slope to the saddle with Antora.

05/28/2022 00:02
Much appreciated. Sounds like I'll give it go and hopefully I can make it up wit my vehicle ha. Thanks for the response

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