Peak:  Crestone Peak (14er)
 Route:  South Face
 Range:  Sangre de Cristo
 Posted By:  klawil
 Date of Info:  06/05/2022
 Date Posted:  06/05/2022

Did the Cottonwood Creek approach so don't have any info on Broken Hand Pass.

The trail from Cottonwood was pretty well defined. We lost it a bit between where it splits off for the valley between Crestolita and Pico Aislado and where it branches for Cretone Peak and Needle.

The south face was pretty snow free (or easily avoidable snow) until ~13,400. We switched to crampons at that point and kept them on until we hit the saddle. From the saddle to the peak was almost completely snow free (although there were 2 spots that required walking across a bit of snow).

We were out of the Red Gulley by 0900 and I wouldn't want to be there any later. We were starting to posthole in spots on the way down and any later would have been sketchier.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Descending near the top of the Red Gully#2) We pushed it a bit to get up to 13,400 without crampons#3) View of the Red Gully from the approach#4) Looking down from partway up the Red Gully#5) Top part of the Red Gully#6) View of the Needle and Humboldt#7) View of Kit Carson and Challenger Point#8) View of the Needle

Comments or Questions
06/05/2022 17:49
Any beta or photos of the Needle and/or the traverse? The one you have labelled as such is actually East Crestone and Colony Baldy. The Needle would be facing a bit more south. Thanks!!

06/06/2022 12:50
Opinion on Crestone Needle's condition? Considering going down there this coming Saturday (6/11/2022).

06/07/2022 09:32
I didn't take a very good look at the needle/traverse because I haven't done either and didn't have a great idea of what to look for but I added the only picture I think I took of the Needle/traverse from the summit. Sorry about the mislabelling, that's what I get for posting while tired!

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