Peak:  Mt. Evans (14er)
 Route:  Mount Evans Scenic Byway
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  HikesInGeologicTime
 Date of Info:  06/08/2022
 Date Posted:  06/08/2022

Stopped to talk to a CDOT worker while I was walking my bike up to Summit Lake (yes, I do suck that badly at riding, thank you kindly). He said his equipment was blocking the road at MM 12 but that the road was plowed above that, and he was confident that they will have the road completely plowed and opened as currently scheduled on Friday.

Took some pictures at my planned stopping point of Summit Lake. Anyone planning to take the standard route or go for any of the nearby thirteeners via Spalding this weekend will likely want gaiters, maybe even traction and an ice axe depending on how early the start time is.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Still some skiing left in CO if you’re determined#2) Spalding behind still-frozen Summit Lake#3) Dunno what the other side of the ridge looks like but bet there’s snow there too

Comments or Questions
06/08/2022 17:43
Good to know i keep looking at it from Parker.

No problem!
06/08/2022 17:51
Figured someone would want to know, and I love being right!

06/08/2022 18:05
Good to hear you are out and about!

06/09/2022 08:19
Good to know you are out on your bike and know that I do push my bike too... ;)

06/09/2022 10:27
I bet you‘d ride it quickly and well if there were margaritas at the end.

06/09/2022 10:28
Maybe not on the descent so much though.

06/09/2022 11:00
Thanks for the update! I couldn't find much info online and it's exciting to hear that they should open the road on time.

06/09/2022 12:39
@mommyhiker and @mtngoat: thank you! I‘ve gotten to do some skiing (fourteeners, non-fourteeners, and resort alike) during the little winter renaissance we had at the end of May, but now it‘s time to push the ankle into doing stuff outside of the super supportive confines of a ski boot...even if I was using that bike for support quite a bit on the way up.

@greenonion: maybe margaritas in the parking lot pre-ride would improve my ascending skills, though!

@constipated_pete (the username makes me laugh every time, btw): glad it helped! Yeah, pretty much the only info I could find online besides others‘ condition reports here (mostly Eagle Eye) was on, which did show an opening date on June 10th but was quick to throw in a disclaimer that it was conditions dependent. Unless we get a freak blizzard overnight, though, it sounds like they will be good to go tomorrow as anticipated.

Eagle Eye
06/09/2022 13:04
HEY, thanks so much for the info and pictures!! I looked (unsuccessfully) for on-line info on the impending opening too, only finding years old dates. I've tapped crew people there for info too, but haven't seen anyone in while. (on typically late afternoon/night trips)
Bravo for coming off of the injured reserve list too. mike 'ee'

06/09/2022 13:07
Circumstances have kept me missing an outing for a snow climb all spring, and I've been planning a bike to Summit lake/climb from there for this Saturday, so appreciate the conditions update.

06/09/2022 18:34
I can't help but be amused that my (apparent) most helpful conditions report to date is about Mt. Evans. Maybe that should be a hint to whichever agency is in charge of updating information about the Mt. Evans Byway...?

@Eagle Eye: the funny thing was, the CDOT worker actually stopped to talk to me, rather than the other way around! I had Summit Lake as my destination thanks to your CR from the 6th saying that the road was clear a mile beyond that, and I had hoped to squeeze in a walk/ride sometime before the road opened to cars, so yesterday was my day. I told the CDOT guy that while I wasn't planning to go beyond SL, I had a few friends who were sure to appreciate the info he gave me.

And thanks for the kind words! I've still got enough of a slight limp that might have inspired the guy to talk to me...might've wanted to warn me off going any higher to preserve my ankle! :p

@Marmot72: Glad the update came in handy! Good luck on Saturday - I look forward to living vicariously through whatever updates you post afterwards!

Eagle Eye
hey again...
06/10/2022 14:49
HikesInGeologic Time, I've also found the people there friendly and eager to let me know what's going on at any certain time. The Park Ranger(s) like to make sure people are ok and I've often been the only other person on the road -so I think once they see you they want to check in with you. They regularly unlock the gate and drive up, patrolling the road. Same but far less often with the Clear Creek County Sheriff. This year played out differently but I've usually enjoyed some rides up the road, in between the clearing of it and (typically!?) Memorial Day opening of the gate. --> Mike

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