Peak:  Greenhalgh Mountain (13er)
 Route:  West Slopes from Sheep A
 Range:  San Juan
 Posted By:  supranihilest
 Date of Info:  06/11/2022
 Date Posted:  06/11/2022

The descent off Sheep A is steep and terribly loose. Typical rotting San Juan red rock. Numerous options, I stuck more southeast on crumbling ledges, northeast looked basically like pure steep talus. Once off Sheep A the ascent up Greenhalgh is much nicer. Very stable talus.

I descended south in between the two and contoured around Sheep A's south side, staying at about 12,200' most of the time. Generally easy, lots of willows on the southwest corner of Sheep. Found a place to hop the Rio Grande and then hiked the road back to Stony Pass.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Greenhalghalgghhglglhlhllglhlglgl, sorry about the choking and sputtering there.#2) Must enunciate clearly or choke again.#3) Slopes down the saddle between Sheep A and Greenhalgh.#4) South face of Sheep A from the long traverse under the peak.

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