Peak:  Leviathan Peak (13er)
 Route:  Leviathan Lake Approach
 Range:  San Juan
 Posted By:  supranihilest
 Date of Info:  06/23/2022
 Date Posted:  06/23/2022

No snow from Beartown all the way to Leviathan Lake. Vallecito trail is almost 100% mud, often standing or running water on it, and a mind-numbing amount of deadfall. Bring dry socks and a snorkel. There's a faint trail up the north side of Leviathan Creek but it ends at about 11,000 feet. We camped at the small, unnamed lake below Leviathan Lake. No summits, we thought we'd sneak a few in before the monsoon and ended up with 15+ straight hours of rain yesterday afternoon through this morning and woke up in a Silent Hill death mist which soaked everything and lasted most of the day. Some thunder and lots of rain on the way out. Adjacent drainages also looked snow free with exception of Sunlight Basin which had snow on north aspects.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) The Guardian and Silex on the approach.#2) Vallecito Creek crossing into Leviathan Creek drainage.#3) Death mist that soaked every surface.#4) Descending Leviathan Creek.#5) Looking back up Leviathan drainage at the low-hanging clouds during the deproach.#6) Stormy weather over the Weminuche on the deproach.

Comments or Questions
06/23/2022 21:22
how was the drive into beartown? trying to ascertain whether it's easier to drive to beartown or hike 10 extra miles from vallecito

06/23/2022 21:45
Hey Eric, I'd say it depends on what vehicle you're driving and your tolerance for beating it up on sketchy crap. 95% of the road from Silverton over Stony Pass to Beartown is typical 4WD stuff, but the last mile or so to Kite Lake is steep, super washed out, muddy, covered in loose rock, narrow, and a good chunk of it is just a torrent of water. In 2020 we drove a Tacoma and Tundra up to the CDT no problem, this year there was no way we were driving the last part in Whiley's Taco. It only added a little over a mile round trip and a few hundred vert extra from where we parked. I put up a trailhead conditions report with a few pics here:

RG crossing
06/24/2022 05:18
Ben, so the crossing of the Rio Grande went ok going into BTown?
Bummer you didn't get a chance to summit anything but nice to hear the amount of moisture that the area is getting. I hope it continues to get some frequent rain, even though selfishly I want a short dry spell over the July 4th holiday week!

Rio Grande River Creek Stream Crossing Creek
06/24/2022 09:19
No problem on either Rio Grande crossing, on CR-3 or after turning onto CR-3A. I added Rio crossing info to my TH conditions update.

Love that basin
06/24/2022 20:19
Camped at that same, unnamed lake in July of last year. Really enjoyed that valley

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