Peak:  Mt. Buckskin (13er)
 Route:  Northeast Slope
 Range:  Mosquito
 Posted By:  Istoodupthere
 Date of Info:  06/26/2022
 Date Posted:  06/26/2022

Decided to do an evening hike. Nobody else on the mountain or doing Decalibron. Started at 5pm in light rain. I went probably .25 miles up the trail, past where you're supposed to make the left across the creek. It's what I do. Snow started around 13,000'. A couple squalls along with whatever happened earlier in the day left 2 inches from here to summit. Slippery going on the boulders/screw/talus on the traverse. Not sure what the best route is once you cross the power lines. Skies cleared at sunset. A couple campers at the TH at 9pm when I got back. Otherwise had the entire kite lake basin to myself. Not bad

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Second picture
06/27/2022 08:16
Is gorgeous! I can't seem to wrap my head around sunset hikes after so many years of "done by noon" mentality but I really ought to try. Thanks!

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