Peak:  Mt. Buckskin (13er)
 Route:  Northeast Slope
 Range:  Mosquito
 Posted By:  CheapCigarMan
 Date of Info:  06/25/2022
 Date Posted:  06/27/2022

Summited both the old Buckskin summit and the new LiDAR summit which is stated as the Northwest Summit on this site. I only summited the old Buckskin summit a few years ago so I needed to go back to get its newly discovered true summit.

Seen from my picture the red arrow is the old summit and the blue arrow is Northwest Summit (LiDAR true summit). You can clearly see that the Northwest bump is higher.

Summer conditions. NOAA's forecast was death and destruction however, was a bluebird morning.

There were more cars at Kite Lake TH than at Park Meadows Mall. It's been a while since I've been around such large crowds climbing a peak.

Just a few minutes after I started I filled my boot up with water as I slipped off an icy rock.

As I came over a bump on the descent I came face to face with a goat. Nothing surprising there, but was when a couple of seconds a coyote came strolling up (circled). The coyote and goat eyed each other as the coyote continued up the hill. Everyone kept cool and we all went our ways.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Gotta love the Tenmile Range#2) Perhaps you could zip line back down#3) DeCaLiBro#4) Northwest LiDAR true summit#5) Climax Mine#6) Coyote and Goat#7) Buckskin’s true summit

Comments or Questions
06/27/2022 14:20
So I was on the small summit yesterday with the large cairn. Is that the old summit? I had very low visibility so it was hard to tell

Close but no cigar!
06/27/2022 21:07
The bump with the large cairn is not Buckskin's true summit. From the Northeast Slope route you would need to traverse another 1/4 of a mile or so from the cairned bump to get to what LiDAR says is Buckskin's true summit. My picture #4.

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