Peak:  Torreys Peak (14er)
 Route:  Kelso Ridge
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  Jack_H
 Date of Info:  07/02/2022
 Date Posted:  07/02/2022

Snow is entirely avoidable all the way up. The only time we had to deviate from the route was to avoid the section in what I believe was "Photo 25" in the route description which was still somewhat filled with snow. We brought a large flag up because, one, it's about to be 4th of July, and, two, why not. The weather was much better than forecasted.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Knife edge#2) Knife edge#3) Dawn on Kelso#4) Taking a break#5) Sunrise on Kelso#6) Went up to ridge proper here instead of taking route in photo 25 of route description#7) Sunrise on Kelso#8) Torrey’s Summit#9) Gray’s Summit#10) On the way back down#11) First Light#12) Looking North off of Kelso#13) The way down#14) Knife edge pano#15) Torreys peak

Comments or Questions
Nice pictures!
07/04/2022 07:54
Particularly the knife edge with the flag, and the sun in the background.

07/04/2022 22:33
Photographs of a beautiful place.

07/06/2022 12:14
Cowboy boots/hats and the American flag on the knife's edge... 'Merica! Cool pics guys.

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