Peak:  Mt. Evans (14er)
 Route:  West Ridge from Guanella Pass
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  kimbuk2
 Date of Info:  07/23/2022
 Date Posted:  07/23/2022

Started around 5:45 am, easy start on the Bierstadt trail but once you veer off to hike towards the gully, it's pretty sloppy. There is a trail but you still have to bushwhack through wet willows and the trail is pretty muddy (shoes got pretty wet/muddy) for about 2 miles~ to the start of the gully (you'll find some dry trail but lots of mud spots interspersed). Gully is...gully. Steep, loose scree, etc. Once you get to the top of the gully it's kind of tundra-y, easy hiking up to the west ridge, then follow the trail to the right (south), which requires a tiny bit of a down-climb but takes you pretty much to the summit. Recommend bringing extra socks! No other extra gear is necessary. About 10 miles round trip.

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Great report
07/24/2022 10:30
Exactly what I was wondering - thank you!

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