Peak:  Mt. Ouray (13er)
 Route:  West Ridge
 Range:  Sawatch
 Posted By:  PikaSteve
 Date of Info:  08/02/2022
 Date Posted:  08/02/2022

Large gathering of cattle at end of road 200C, so I chose to park at Marshall Pass. Only had to hike around cows for first hundred yards. Well defined trail from 200C to tree line. Competing cairns mark several different alternatives to get from tree line to ridge line. Once on top of ridge, trail fragments are fairly easy to follow. Extremely windy along length of ridge; by the time I reached the summit, I was wearing every layer that I had in my backpack. Wind created interesting clouds on the summit. On descent, depending on which line of cairns you follow you will want to veer left of two prominent white rocks to merge onto the trail through trees. Cattle had moved on by the time I returned.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Well defined trail through trees and cows#2) Approaching tree line#3) Ridge line has the grassiest route#4) Ouray toupee cloud#5) Wind picking up even more#6) Steer left of these white rocks when descending to tree line

Comments or Questions
08/02/2022 23:45
Nice. Thanks much for the info! mountainute

Beautiful Linticulars
08/04/2022 08:09
I believe those are linticular clouds. Very beautiful. You were in the right place at the right time! Just adds to the mystique of Ouray!

08/06/2022 13:11
Yeah they were super beautiful that morning- you could see the cloud forming/dissipating at its edges as air was being blown up and over the peak, creating a relatively stable cloud shape with constantly changing air! Also met Steve at the summit

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