Peak:  Jagged Mountain (13er)
 Route:  Leviathan
 Range:  San Juan
 Posted By:  dwoodward13
 Date of Info:  08/05/2022
 Date Posted:  08/08/2022

Did not summit due to conditions.

Headed up Leviathan from Vallecito Trail. There were previously cairns marking the turnoff, but they were knocked over. We built them back up, but I don't expect them to last. We also built some a little further off the Vallecito trail in the small meadow that will probably last longer. Trail gets very thin after crossing the river in a marshy area, but on the far side in the trees is pretty nice. At some point near 11.2 crossing one of the many grassy meadows (huge plants this year!) we completely lost the trail and never found it again, which was not fun in the dark. Ended up waiting in the dark for some more light to continue on.

Went around the Leviathan Lake on the S side and it went fine. Standard mix of talus all the way up to the saddle where Jagged comes into view for the first time. What an incredible viewpoint. All of the rock on P1 was soaking wet, and knowing most of the grass would be as well, we bailed on the summit attempt as we were not going to be comfortable with our plan to free solo climb on the ascent.

Descended Sunlight Creek for scouting purposes and there is a decent trail up until the very high basin near a lake near 12.2. IMO Sunlight is the better approach as far as navigation goes. Saw a badger high above treeline in the basin as well!

Comments or Questions
Chicago Transplant
Hello Again
08/09/2022 16:33
Sorry you didn't make it! We were ascending Sunlight when you were coming out and briefly chatted. I think you and I met before on Lincoln in winter? Sorry I didn't recognize you but then again winter means more layers on our heads lol.

We found the first crux was dry enough if you went directly up the rappel (~5.4). The grassy ledges were more wet gravel than anything and dried out in the sun and were better on our way down. Conditions vary so much on these peaks from day to day with weather, I hope you get another shot at it soon! - Mike

08/09/2022 16:39
Yes we did meet on Lincoln several years back. Glad you guys were successful! So true conditions vary so much. You guys had a nice dry day/night before your climb which I‘m sure helped. I‘ll be back soon though!

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