Peak:  Torreys Peak (14er)
 Route:  NW Face/Tuning Fork
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  wittsparks
 Date of Info:  06/26/2011
 Date Posted:  06/27/2011

We were able to drive up Grizzly Gulch to within about a mile of the base of tuning forks before getting stopped by snow - another week of melt or some shovel work should allow you to get all the way in.

We parked just before the road crosses to the north side of the creek, and on the way in elected to bushwhack along the south side of the creek to avoid wet boots or taking the time to take off our boots (twice, since we'd have to cross to the north side of the creek to stay on the road, then back to the south side to access the peak.)

The hike to the base of tuning forks wasn't terribly unpleasant, and if I had it to do over, I'd probably do it again.

The snow was pretty well frozen early in the morning and the climb up was uneventful if long. We made it to almost the top of the continuously skiable snow at about 13,500'. It took us about 5.5 hours to make the climb. Weather was excellent with a few gusty winds. The top quarter of the drop was pretty hard snow; it softened up nicely below that for some excellent corn skiing.

This was the first time I'd done this drop, and although the climb was long and steep, so was the descent! ~2500 vertical feet of consistent 35 degree slope.

We were able to ski all the way to creek, where we waded across in our ski boots and hiked the 20 minutes back to the car.

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